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Association of Lithuanian Printing Industries (LISPA) is an independent, non-profit organization, uniting innovative and developing Enterprises on professional and common action basis. The Association unites printing houses, scientific institutions, and developing and innovative Enterprises, which comply with the criteria defined by Association of Lithuanian Printing Industries, such as: experience on the market; quality management, and the annual turnover; and giving the company a status of a reliable business partner.

Lithuania is located in the geographic center of Europe, which is crossed by international transport routes connecting the east and west, north and south. This is a perfect point for transportation and logistics.

Association of Lithuanian Printing Industries unites innovative and developing printing industry enterprises that covers all types and technologies of printing. Our members are well known in Lithuania and in foreign markets because of their production quality and new technologies that are used to make it. Most of our members are constantly investing in new equipment and technology, management systems that allows to achieve best results of long-term and high-quality in the final products.

The Association is open to new ideas and cooperation, and, therefore, invites all interested printing houses; material and equipment suppliers; training and public authorities, and other organizations, supporting the ambitions of the Association, to join the ranks of members and jointly contribute to the development of printing industry and the well-being of the country.

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